Andrea Zaccagno Scouting Report

Young goalkeeper called to continue increasing the prestige from the Italian goalkeepers factory.  Andrea Zaccagno formed in Padova accademy. In 2014 Torino signed him for its U19. In Torino, he started to create a name, winning the famous "Campionato Primavera" in 2015, with an highlighted performance. All the eyes were on Andrea Zaccagno, who decided … Continue reading Andrea Zaccagno Scouting Report


Santiago Colombatto Scouting Report

Player formed in River Plate, they left him free with 17 years old. Then, Colombatto started an Italian adventure in Cagliari till now. He was on loan in a couple teams, the last one was the Trapani (Serie B). Position: His positions are Center Midfielder or Defensive Midfielder. He is a classical playmaker. Where better … Continue reading Santiago Colombatto Scouting Report