Andrea Zaccagno Scouting Report

Andrea Zaccagno

Young goalkeeper called to continue increasing the prestige from the Italian goalkeepers factory.  Andrea Zaccagno formed in Padova accademy. In 2014 Torino signed him for its U19. In Torino, he started to create a name, winning the famous “Campionato Primavera” in 2015, with an highlighted performance. All the eyes were on Andrea Zaccagno, who decided to moved on loan to Pro Vercelli (Serie B), looking for experience and opportunity in a professional level to continue growing. The experience was not very good, with few minutes of play during the season. Despite of the lack of play, Zaccagno was called for the World Cup U20, where he is enjoying again.


Agile, coordinated, and fast movements. His main virtue is the reflexes combined with a perfect positioning in goal. Transmits security in his actions. The sum of all his abilities make him to be a good penalty stopping (showing this aspect during  Campionato Primavera 2015). Moreover, his play with the ball is correct and brave, knowing how to recognize the moments for the short pass or the long pass.


His main weakness is the physical. He is tall enough (6’0”), but he is not strong (65kg). This provoke certain insecurity in the aerial balls against physical teams. He is good in 1v1 situations, but this aspect can be improved.


Zaccagno has potential to be a top Goalkeeper in Europe. He needs to find a place where he gets the minutes to continue with his progression. He is young and he needs the confident from a coach to gain professional experience and to exploit all his potential. If this would happens, I do not have any doubts he will be called for Italy national team, fighting for the be goalkeeper starter in “La Azurra”. The way is not going to be easy for him, the competition is strong with young goalkeepers as  Luca Lezzerini, or Gianluigi Donnarumma. They are called to continue the dynasty created by Pagliuca, Peruzzi, Toldo, Buffon, and an endless list of goalkeepers.

Here I leave a gift,  Torino – Milan (Campionato Primavera 2015).  Zaccagno against Donnarumma (Penalty shoot-out included).




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