Santiago Colombatto Scouting Report


Player formed in River Plate, they left him free with 17 years old. Then, Colombatto started an Italian adventure in Cagliari till now. He was on loan in a couple teams, the last one was the Trapani (Serie B).


His positions are Center Midfielder or Defensive Midfielder. He is a classical playmaker. Where better he could take advantages of his characteristics is  Attacking  Midfielder or False Winger. Over there, He would be more liberated from defensive work (where he has more deficiencies), and giving him the freedom to display all his creativity. Although in this positions he could be in less contact with the ball.


Creative player with very good technique, emphasizing his technique in the long pass. Literally, he can put the ball where he wants, being dangerous in the set pieces.  The combination of his vision of the game (he must to improve yet) together with his technique abilities make him an important player in the ball progression and in the pace of the possession. His through passes are a real nightmare for the opponents.


He need to continue improving in the decision making with the ball, thus he would display all his creativity for the good of the team. Irregular during some stages of the match. Need to improve his aerobic capacity and stamina, he tends to disappear in the second half. His defending level is not remarkable, needs to improve his team work and his tactical position to be closer of the ball for a possible attack-defend transition.


Colombatto has potential to be an important player in Serie A, a tournament where more teams are adding up a good treat of the ball, leaving behind the famous “Catenaccio”. He is young to correct and improve some aspect of his game. With minutes, opportunities and attitude he would become a player to watch each weekend.





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