LUB Training Session

Training Session by Lindenwood University Belleville during season 2016 using Tactical Periodization as methodology for training sessions.  It is not a pure Tactical Periodization because it does not follow all the points written by Vitor Frade (Father of the Tactical Periodization).

This training session is inside a Morphocycle of 7 days followed for a Morphocycle of 3 days. The tactical principles inside the Morphocycle are the operational principles of Mobility and Space. Team needs to understand better the movements off ball during creation phase and tactical reorganization during build up to let a correct positional attack. Within these principles are developed the sub-principles and the sub-sub principles of the week.

The training session is inside of the Tension sub-dynamic, all the exercises need to respect the Principle of Horizontal Alternation in Specificity for the correct train of the muscle contractions.

Therefore, the exercises in a Tension sub-dynamic must promote: high density of acceleration & braking, changes of direction & speed, jumps, shooting, … that means high density of interaction between eccentric concentric contractions (Oliveira).

Moreover, the exercises must be performed in reduced spaces, with a limited number of players, the time of the drills must be short and the recuperation between the exercises must be “almost total” (Oliveira).

The training session is divided in three parts; Warm-up/Activation, main part, and cool down.

The warm-up/activation is compound of joint mobility and stretching exercises. The second exercise during this part is Rondos with Acceleration and Braking. This is an exercise of principles to activate the players for the main part of the training session.

The main part is compound with a Tactical Positional Possession 7v4 (Build Up positioning) plus Positional Possession 4v4+3 exercise for the players who they are not participating in the Tactical Positional Possession.  The Tactical Positional Possession 7v4 is a tactical exercise while Positional Possession 4v4+3 is an exercise of principles.

The second exercise inside the main part is a Build Up 7v7+1p exercise in half field simulating a build up situations to explain, to correct, and to give some feedback to the players for a better understanding of the tactical concepts during this phase. This exercise is a tactical exercise.

Players who are not participating in this exercise (as Wingers and Strikers), they are doing specific finishing exercises.

The Cool Down is compound of a slow run during a couple of minutes continued of core exercise for prevention of injuries and finishing with static stretching exercises


Oliveira., J. G. (n.d.). Periodização Tática [Recorded by U. d. Porto]. Porto, Portugal.


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