Fiacre Kelleher Scouting Report

Player scouting report from a game of Fiacre Kelleher (in the bottom of the article), playing with Celtic U19 against Seville U19 (UEFA Youth League). A brief introduction about this player to understand better the scout report file.

Kelleher is young talent(19 years old) from Celtic Glasgow U19. He is from Ireland Republic, and he is already playing Ireland Republic U19. He is  a limited center defender, tall player with a great aerial game, intelligence actions during defending period, and determination with the ball in spite of he does not have a refined technique with the ball.  He is fairly slow player, it may be easy to get behind him, however he hides this weakness behind a good positioning during team shifting diagonally.

He was one time during this season in the first team roster (Celtic Glasgow), but he did not play. Surely, if he continues with this progression with Celtic U19, we will watch him playing with Celtic Glasgow in the Scottish Premiership soon.

Fiacre Kelleher

(Explanation of Scout Summary:A=Potential to be starter, B=Potential player of the team, C=Need more scouting, and D=No potential to be a player of the team.       An example to understand this better, the scouter works for Montpelier and he thinks X player is an A, but one week after this scouter starts to work for PSG, that A in his data base would change for a B or even a D because the level of the team is higher.)

(Explanation of the player abilities chart: The player ability chart is made with excel with a scale from 0 to 25 with the abilities that I think they have influence in a determine facet of the game. As for example, Aerial game is an combination between heading,jumping,balance, and strength. X player has heading=10 jumping=6, balance=12, and strength=16. His aerial game would be a combination of all this number with a result of 11, being reflected in the chart. I think it is easier to see how is the game of a player with a chart that with numbers.)


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