FC Barcelona Scouting Report

FC Barcelona scouting report in form of Slideshare presentation from 2015/16 season (in the bottom of the article), before the La Liga game 22 against Levante Unión Deportiva. A brief introduction about Barcelona’s game model before the scouting report:

Barcelona is training by Luis Enrique. The Luis Enrique game model is influenced by “tiki-taka” style.  Long possessions with an high block pressing.

Barcelona is using  1-4-3-3 when the team is attacking. When the team is in defensive phase, continue using 1-4-3-3 although in the begin of press uses variants as 1-4-1-4-1 or 1-4-4-2 gathering players in opposite’s half, and reducing the space to avoid the ball progression.

This FC Barcelona has the same genes in its game model than the FC Barcelona from Guardiola although with some variants. In attacking phase; long possessions and controlling the possession in the opposition’s half combining it with the variant of direct ball to the behind the defense. In defending phase; high block pressing, high tactical intensity, and advance defending.

I hope you enjoy with this scouting report.


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