Fiacre Kelleher Scouting Report

Player scouting report from a game of Fiacre Kelleher (in the bottom of the article), playing with Celtic U19 against Seville U19 (UEFA Youth League). A brief introduction about this player to understand better the scout report file. Kelleher is young talent(19 years old) from Celtic Glasgow U19. He is from Ireland Republic, and he … Continue reading Fiacre Kelleher Scouting Report


FC Barcelona Scouting Report

FC Barcelona scouting report in form of Slideshare presentation from 2015/16 season (in the bottom of the article), before the La Liga game 22 against Levante Unión Deportiva. A brief introduction about Barcelona’s game model before the scouting report: Barcelona is training by Luis Enrique. The Luis Enrique game model is influenced by "tiki-taka" style.  … Continue reading FC Barcelona Scouting Report