Leicester City FC Scouting Report

Leicester City scouting report in form of Slideshare presentation from 2015/16 season (in the bottom of the article), before the Premier League game 24 against Liverpool. A brief introduction about Leicester game model before the scouting report.

Leicester City is training by Claudi Ranieri. The Ranieri’s game model is influenced a little for the famous Italian style called “catenaccio”. It is not a pure “catenaccio” as in the nineties, but gathers some characteristic from this style. Game model based in counter attacks and a tight defend. Fast transitions with long balls, playing width, and quick finishing. He does not care how long his team is with the possession, the important is to create quick opportunities.

Leicester City is using 1-4-4-2 when the team is attacking. When the team is in defensive phase, continue using  1-4-4-2. Leicester City players have understood what Ranieri wants from them. Tactically, they are a team with a medium tactical intensity. They leave at the opponent team build up from the back, waiting close to half line (zone 3), and avoiding the opponent progression with a great shifting diagonally system.

Right now, Leicester does not have any important injuries. Therefore, Ranieri will use the same 11 players that he has been using during all the season against Liverpool.

I hope you enjoy with this scouting report.


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