Charly Musonda Jr. Scouting Report

Player scouting report from a game of Charly Musonda Jr. (in the bottom of the article), playing with Belgium Under21 against Czech Republic Under21. A brief introduction about this player to understand better the scout report file.

I started to watch games from Belgium Under 21 attracted for the new generations of Belgian players in the international panorama. Players as Hazard, Courtois, Witsel, Lukaku, De Bruyne, Januza… an interminable list of talents in a small country with a population of 11.2 million of people.

I made some research looking for logical reasons for the explosion of this Belgian gold generation because this is not stroke of luck. The Royal Belgian Football Association made some changes in its grassroots structure in 1999. Adopting a same game model for all the team within The Royal Belgian Football Association, and creating the Topsport project. A project based on a model of technification and striving for talents throughout the country to monitor and support the growth of the most Belgian talents football between 14 and 18 years.

After to understand better why Belgium is living a gold generation, it is time to start with the current Belgium Under 21 team. In this team there are players with certain international reputation in Europe as Origi, Bakkali, or Tielemans. But after to watch a couple of game, one player called my attention for his play. He was Charly Musonda. Pure dribbling and velocity on the pitch. Difficult to stop in 1v1 attacking situation. He played like winger in the games that I watched, the perfect position for him to take advantage his velocity and technique. He is young yet and this youth is present in his play, being selfish in some action and tacking bad decision with the ball, slowing the team play. But as I said before he is young yet, with a big improvement margin.

Definitely a player with potential to be important in the international panorama, playing in a European top team (he is already playing in Chelsea U21).  I share with the article the Charly Musonda file from the game against Czech Republic U21.Charly Musonda Jr.

(Explanation of Scout Summary: A=Potential to be starter, B=Potential player of the team, C=Need more scouting, and D=No potential to be a player of the team.       An example to understand this better, the scouter works for Montpelier and he thinks X player is an A, but one week after this scouter starts to work for PSG, that A in his data base would change for a B or even a D because the level of the team is higher.)





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