Distant Lateral Free Kick (Sevilla FC)

Distant Lateral Free Kick from Sevilla FC in the last game against Getafe CF. 5 players in finishing zone. Two players in the free kick side  to make believe to another team that you are going to play short. Thus the first post zone will be with less defenders. The kicker will make a hard … Continue reading Distant Lateral Free Kick (Sevilla FC)


Offensive Throw-In (Sporting KC)

Throw-in from Sporting Kansas City last weekend game against LA Galaxy.  One player in the end line ( first post zone but a little bit closer to the thrower), and 5 players in the second post zone (3 in the 6-yards box, and 2 at the penalty spot height) The thrower will throw the ball … Continue reading Offensive Throw-In (Sporting KC)