New York City FC Scouting Report

               Soccer Scouting Report New York City FC from Jose Silva Caparros

This is a sample of Scouting Report from New York City Football Club. It is their first year playing in MLS. They belong to Manchester City Football Club from England.

This report I did two weeks ago, when the NYCFC was playing the 25 game. Now, they are in the 30 game. They have chance to go at play-off yet, although they have a little bit difficult.

The report is divided in three parts.

  1. General part – General Data, Previous results, and Statistics
  2. Descriptive part – Technical Staff, Players, Last Line Up, Offensive Phases, Transition attack- defend, Offensive Set Pieces, Defensive Phases, Transition Attack-Defend, and Defensive Set Pieces.
  3. Prescriptive part – Probable Line Up, Strong Areas, Weak Areas, and Recommendations.

The report has a Menu in the second page, but it is impossible to use from slideshare. Also, there are videos showing, and explaining how New York City FC play, but it is not working from slideshare. The only way to be able to use videos, and the menu is download the report. If someone is interested, tell me and I will try to send you by email.


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